Who Should Apply?

News media founders, managers, chief editors and publishers may apply.

We will consider applications from journalists with demonstrable entrepreneurial aptitude and/or substantial experience (at least five years) who are shaping an independent news media project. The project must be potentially sustainable; the launch of a new media outlet would qualify, and in contrast, a one-off investigative team project will not meet our standards.

“News media” means media in any format – notably print, video or online – whose primary mission is to provide their publics with accurate, verified information and analysis on matters of interest to them.

Applicants will be considered on the basis of their critical independence from political or financial interests as well as the quality of their media. In other words, those working in “captive” media are not encouraged to apply. Media leaders who undertake “watchdog” or investigative reporting are particularly encouraged to apply.

Mastery of written and spoken English sufficient for an international working environment is required.

To apply for the programme, you must complete and submit the Online Application form by 11pm, November 8, 2019.

The applicants will be notified about the results and scholarships by November 10, 2019.


1.First references: 2.Second references:

The uploads of the following requirements can be done in the doc, .docx, .pdf formats.

By checking the box, I agree that, if I am accepted:
1. I will attend all days of all four modules, in order to receive the diploma. In case of emergencies, I will contact Programme Director.
2. I will arrive on time for the trainings and extra events
3. I will actively participate in class discussions, group work and seek to help other participants to advance their development
4. I will not use any device for work or social purposes during class sessions. I will reserve such communication for break times.
5. I will prepare for all classes as requested in the syllabus and instructor assignments
6. I will arrange for a colleague to cover my professional responsibilities during the training week.