June 2020 - January, 2021
Riga, Latvia
4 modules

Programme for Media Managers, Executives, News Media Founders, Chief Editors and Publishers

Four-module programme for news media founders, managers, chief editors and publishers from all over the world looking to improve their managerial and decision making skills, boost creativity and strategical thinking as well as learn newest trends and monetisation options in the industry.

This unique programme is run for the third time and is first of its kind in the region, drawing together new research on independent news business models, including original case studies, and experience from professionals on the cutting edge of change. It provides essential training in fundamental business skills, comparable to a compact MBA programme, that enables those who have launched or who direct independent news media outlets to develop sustainable business models.

In four five-day modules spaced two months apart, founders or directors of both non-profit and for-profit independent outlets will learn how they can improve their leadership, strategy, marketing and financial management skills. Cases from within and outside the media industry will form the basis for discussion. Practical exercises in accounting, business modelling, project management, public speaking and other skills are integrated in each module. These skills will underlie participants’ personal or enterprise project proposals in the closing sessions. At the end of the programme participants will have the opportunity to share their ideas with financial advisors and investors to potentially develop a business relationship and collaboration opportunities.

The programme’s four modules are taught by scholars and practitioners with deep collective experience in the news industry and business training. They not only provide knowledge, they also create it with the help of participants. Expert guests complete the faculty.


Future Media Management programme at a glance:

  • One-year module-based programme;
  • Up to 22 students admitted per year;
  • Four intensive five-day modules spaced two months apart;
  • Faculty selected on the basis of their experience in media and  business industry as well as the ability to teach experienced managers;
  • Programme provides essential training in fundamental business skills, comparable to a compact MBA programme, focusing on media industry;
  • Individual projects developed by students during the programme are presented in front of investors and financial advisors at the end of the course;
  • Mentoring provided throughout the programme;
  • English as the language of instruction;
  • School located at the heart of Riga centre in a beautiful art nouveau district.


What will you gain from the course?

Future Media Management Programme is designed to:

  • Provide essential training in fundamental business and management skills, comparable to a compact MBA programme;
  • Enable participants to improve their leadership, strategy, marketing, financial management and decision making skills;
  • Boost creativity and strategic thinking as well as offer an insight into the newest trends and monetisation options in the media industry;
  • Enhance participant’s professional competence by performing practical exercises in budgeting, business modelling, project management, public speaking and others;
  • Provide all the necessary resources and support of the faculty to thoroughly develop sustainable personal or enterprise media project;
  • Offer the opportunity to form potential business partnerships with fellow participants, faculty and investors;
  • Give participants an on-going professional network of media managers, publishers, editors and journalists around the world.


Online applications must be submitted by May 15, 2020.

When & Where

Programme Dates
The programme will take place in Riga, Latvia, in four separate modules:


June 8-9, 2020

  • STRATEGY (part 1, online)


September 2-4, 2020

  • STRATEGY (part 2, online or face-to-face)


October 12-14, 26-27, 2020



TBC, 2021



TBC, 2021


Participants must attend all four modules.

Tuition Fee

€ 10’500 (does not include travel)

If you are unable to attend, you are welcome to send a replacement: however, prior notification is required. The cancellation in writing must be received if the fee is to be refunded. Cancellation within a month of the Programme start date is a subject to a 50% refund only.

By submitting the form you guarantee the payment of participation fee, confirm that the information submitted is correct and the cancellation terms have been noted.


Successful applicants from Eastern Partnership countries and Russia will be offered scholarships supported by Swedish Institute.



Application Deadline

Online application deadline: May 15, 2020


The Stockholm School of Economics in Riga
Strelnieku iela 4a, Riga, Latvia
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